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Midlands Scholastic Chess League V
Saturday, April 08, 2017, 09:00am - 05:00pm

April 8th - Midlands Scholastic Chess League V

Time: Registration 9 to 9:45. Rounds at 10, 11:15, 1, and 2:15.
Site: Pelion High School, 600 Lydia Drive, Pelion, SC 29123

Format: The format will be a 4 round Swiss System. That means that all players will play 4 games against players with a similar score. The time control is Game 30 with a 5 second delay. That means each side will have 30 minutes to complete all their moves. So long as the player moves within 5 seconds, no time will be subtracted.

Sections: There will be 3 Scholastic Sections - Elementary (K-5), Middle (K-8), and High School (K-12). Players are welcome to compete in an older section if they so choose. Teammates will not be paired if possible in the first three rounds, but they may be paired in the final round. There will also be an adult "Old Kids" section open to all.

Prizes: In the three scholastic sections, medals will be awarded to the top 5 individuals and trophies to the top three teams. We offer one team prize for the best female team. An individual prize for the best upset, top female performance (otherwise unplaced), youngest participant, and best first tournament will also be awarded. If multiple perfect scores occur in a section, first place will be decided by a blitz playoff. Otherwise, the primary tiebreaker is the cumulative score of the opposition. Following tiebreakers follow suggested USCF ordering. Cash prizes based on entries will be awarded in the adult section.

While we provide some chess sets and chess clocks, we cannot provide sets and clocks for the entire tournament. If you or your club has a chess clock, please bing it. If not, players will be accomodated as best as possible at the tournament.

Requirements:  US Chess Federation Membership is required; however, first time members receive FREE entry. A 1 year scholastic membership can be purchased on site or online for between $17 and $26 depending on age. Memberships allow players to achieve a chess rating through the USCF and entitile players to the USCF's magazine Chess Life or Chess Life for Kids.

How do teams work?
All players who report attending the same school during entry will be considered part of that school's team. As much as possible, team members will not be paired against each other. The best three individual scores from each team will be summed to acquire the team score. While a larger team may have a small advantage, smaller teams can certainly be succesful.

Registration: To register for the tournament, please complete the registration form at the "Register Here" button at the Strategery Chess & Games website.  You may pay online via the "Pay Now" button for $10 or at site for $15. If this is your first tournament, you MUST register at the site.