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2019 SC Scholastic Championship Results! Matthew Johnson New State Scholastic Champion!!

221 excellent young chess players competed in the 2019 South Carolina Scholastic Chess Championship held March 9 at Dent Middle School. Competitors came from communities such as Columbia, Spartanburg, Charleston, Greenville, Simpsonville, Beaufort, Hilton Head, Andersson, Clemson. and ranged from the ages of 4 to 17.

The champions in the K-8 (Eli Moore) and K-12 (Matthew Johnson - photo right), Grace Bajarias, and Lefan Xuan) have won the right to represent South Carolina in national competitions against the other state scholastic champions. We are proud to have such fine representatives for our state, and we know they will do all of us proud!

Thank you to the players, parents, coaches, staff, and volunteers (see the full list below) who made this event so successful, and thank you to Dent Middle School for graciously hosting the event. If you know a volunteer, please take the time to thank them for their hard work :)


K-3 Individuals:
1 - Aadi Agnihotri (2nd grade champ)
=2 - Callum Leys (1st grade champ), Abhinav Ramireddy (3rd grade champ)
=4 - Michael Wang, Charlotte Leys, James Frassica, Victor Ermolov, William Bao, Charlie Jordan (Pre-K Champ )
=10 - Bryan Zheng, Loganathan Maneeshkumar, Birol Ozdem
Top Female - Ritika Sanghani, Nandini Jonnalagadda
Kindertarten Champ - Ben Girardot

K-3 Teams:
1 - Monarch
2 - Tega Cay
3 - Charles Pinckney

K-5 Individuals:
1 - Will Howard (4th grade champ)
=2 - Eric Shi (5th grade champ), Nikolai Webb, Jonathan Steffee
=5 - Will Phelps, Zachary Teachman, Cameron Wheeler, Daryl Dowty, Hudson Haley
=10 - Eliana Schley, Stone Pham, Haylee Hollis (Top Female), Luke Kuehmeier, Miguel Shim, Pranav Suresh

K-5 Teams:
1 - Charles Pinckney
2 - Tega Cay
3 - Hampton Park

K-8 Individuals:
=1 - Eli Moore (7th grade champ), Ahan Shi (7th grade champ)
=3 - Ben Webb, Bradon Schley (8th grade champ), Caton Tsao (6th grade champ), Will Tabakian (6th grade champ), Alan Hong (6th grade champ), Jacob Stoll 8th grade champ), Aiden Costanzo
=10 - Bakre Kunal, Jonathan Wei, Paolo Hitopoulos, Kai Robertson
Top Female - Ava Schoonover, Tessa Bonnema

K-8 Teams:
1 - RC Edwards
2 - Thomas Cario
3 - Hampton Park

K-12 Individuals:
1 - Matthew Johnson (9th grade champ)
2 - Richard Sandvoss (12th grade champ)
=3 - Brian Torreon, Breckin Muzzy (11th grade champ), Travis Pence, Theophilus Pedapolu (11th grade champ)
7 - Jack Layton (10th grade champ)
=8 - Connor Liu, Laurence Zhang, Timothy Manly, Johnny Besser, Connor Miles, Niko Peterson, Frank Yang, Austin Minnix, Grace Bajarias (Polgar Indvitational and Top Female)
Lefen Xuan (NGTOC Representative)

Graduating Seniors: Richard Sandvoss, Brian Torreon, Travis Pence, Johnny Besser, Niko Peterson

K-12 Teams:
1 - Governor's School of Science and Mathematics
2 - DW Daniel
3 - Woodruff

Staff and Volunteers:
TDs: Daniel Smith, Dr. Clyde Smith (no relation), Stuart Chagrin, Jordan Anderson, EC Setser, Mike Moore, Ross Simmons, Brennan Ravan
Results: Maureen Grimaud, Mark Webb, Olga Volkova-Webb, Arati Agnihotri, Sarah Hamby
Registration: Miller Copeland, Elizabeth Smith, Melissa Williams, Carey Ellis
Navigation: Yi Yi, Tony Steffee, Tani Tanaka
DGT Board: Drew Plyler
Volunteer Lunches: David Grimaud
making sure students did not destroy giant chess set: Daryl Dowty
Dent Assistant Principal: Joe Casey